Jailbreak possibilities of iphone, ipad with 3utools

Actually, most ios users seeking, how to jailbreak their devices? And how to follow proper jailbreaking methods? like that. But all that your needs are fulfilled by the 3utools team by developing this amazing all in one tool, 3utool. All the things you want it offers precisely with pretty guidance, so you can check it out yourself.

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what are the ios versions that can be jailbroken with 3utools?

ios 4.x / ios5.x  jailbreak                                        ios9.2 – ios9.3.3 jailbreak

ios5.1.1 / 6.x / 7.x jailbreak                                   ios9.1 – 9.3.5 (32bit) jailbreak

ios 8.0 – 8.4.1 jailbreak                                          ios 10.0 – 10.3.3 jailbreak

ios9.0 – ios9.0.2 jailbreak                                     ios 11.4-12.4  jailbreak

ios 11.0 -ios 12.1.2 jailbreak

All the activated i-devices running above ios versions can jailbreak under the normal state, except ios4.x/ios5.x jailbreak which listed bellow

Here is the devices list below to support jailbreak with DFU mode.

iphone3GS –>4.1                                         iphone4 –>4.1

iphone3GS –>4.2.1                                      iphone4 –>4.2.1

iphone3GS –>4.3.1                                      iphone4 –>4.3.1

iphone3GS –>4.3.2                                     iphone4 –>4.3.2

iphone3GS –>4.3.3                                     iphone4 –>4.3.3

iphone3GS –>5.0.1                                     iphone4 –>5.0.1

iphone3GS –>5.1.1                                      iphone4 –>5.1.1

iphone4 –>6.1.3 (tethered jailbreak)

*DFU= Device firmware upgrade

*Tethered jailbreak = jailbroken ios devices using this method must be connected to a computer when it turned on (reboot) each time to enter the jailbroken state.

3utools Jailbreak iPhone iPad, Check yourself, your idevice to Jailbreak.  

It is very easy to check the possibility to jailbreak your iPhone iPad with 3utools. As usual, you should have the latest version of 3utools software because the 3utools team always steps forward developing the software than we expected. So don’t get missed the latest. Download 3utools

  • Open 3utools and connect your i-device via USB cable. As it is connected you come to the window device and you can get the ios version and Type there and keep them in mind.

  • Then click on the Flash & JB button

  • Click on firmware section

  • And select your idevice Category and idevice name correctly.

  • Further, you can click on the Jailbreak section under firmware and you can see available and relevant firmware precisely.  The green dot confirms availability and you can download the firmware by clicking on the download button in the download section.

How to use 3utools?

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