Just 45% of SEO Specialists Feel Their Job is Secure

    A survey of nearly 500 SEO specialists reveals that less than half feel secure in their positions, citing algorithm changes as a source of worry.

    Roughly 80% of SEOs are concerned algorithm changes will negatively impact their career. Nearly 3 in 4 are concerned that algorithm changes will have negative implications for the industry overall.

    As it turns out, those concerns are not unfounded, as 60% of SEO specialists say they’ve experienced layoffs or firings as a result of algorithm changes.

    Despite nearly 1 in 4 SEOs perceiving their job security as precarious, most report a high level of job satisfaction.

    SEO Job Satisfaction

    Over two-thirds of SEOs report satisfaction with their jobs, commonly describing their work as “creative,” “engaging,” and “intelligent.”

    Just 45% of SEO Specialists Feel Their Job is Secure

    Like any job, being an SEO comes with its own set of frustrations. For example, on an average of three days a week, survey respondents said they exceeded the typical eight-hour workday.

    Further, roughly a quarter of SEO experts worked for over eight hours five or more days a week. The reason for putting in so many work hours could be tight deadlines faced by many in the industry. Nearly 44% of SEOs said they were frustrated by short time frames.

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    Other common frustrations among SEOs are listed in the graphic below:

    Just 45% of SEO Specialists Feel Their Job is Secure

    Most Say SEO is Not Their Long-Term Career

    People in the SEO industry are not planning to stay in it for long, as the majority of survey respondents say they want to stay in their field for only 1 to 6 more years.

    Less than 12% of SEOs say they’ll remain in the industry for the remainder of their career.

    Just 45% of SEO Specialists Feel Their Job is Secure

    For more information about the challenges faced by SEOs in 2020, as well as predictions for the future of search, see the full study here.

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