Lawbreakers Director Thinks That Putting The Game On PS4 Instead Of Xbox One Was A Mistake

    Outspoken game designer Cliff Bleszinski has reflected on the release of Boss Key Production’s Lawbreakers and admits that it was perhaps on the wrong platform.

    Cliff Bleszinski is best known for his work at Epic Games, but in a series of recent tweets, he’s reflected on another recent game of his that did not do so well. Lawbreakers scored good reviews (GameSpot gave it an 8/10) but failed to attract the player base that a hero-based shooter needs to survive, and Bleszinski believes that one of the issues was that the game was on PS4 instead of Xbox.

    He says that releasing the game on Sony’s system instead of Microsoft’s was “a mistake”, as you can see below.

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    Cliff Bleszinski


    Oh and while I have your attention – yes, it WAS a mistake putting LawBreakers on Playstation over Xbox. 🙂

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    In a follow-up tweet, Bleszinski suggests that fans of Gears of War, his previous series, and would perhaps be more likely to play his next game. He also said that the decision was based on the PlayStation 4 having a larger install base, and limited resources meant that they could not release the game for both systems at launch. Lawbreakers were also available on PC, but can no longer be purchased or played.

    This is interesting, but perhaps not something worth thinking about too deeply, since Bleszinski also said that he’s “not looking forward to clickbait articles” about the things he’s tweeting. He’s also previously said that he made the game “too woke” to succeed.

    Bleszinski served as the lead designer on Gears of War 1-3. The outspoken former game director is now working on something new, but it might not be a game.

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