League of Legends patch 8.16 change list

League of Legends patch 8.16 change list

Tank changes and a new game mode


Patch 8.16 is here and it’s not bringing any champion reworks, but that doesn’t mean it’s not bursting at the seams with new content. (Nunu & Willump will be next patch, ya’ll.)


League of Legends patch 8.16 change list


We’re getting a whopping five new skins, including Cosmic skins for Ashe, Lulu, and Xin Zhao, as well as Mecha Aurelion Sol skin and a Mafia Braum skin. It’s quite the haul.


This patch also will bring about the Nexus Blitz alpha test. If all goes well, this could be League’s new permanent game mode to join the roster. I can personally attest that this game mode is very fun, so definitely check it out. It’s chaotic, but it’ll get some laughs out of you.


In addition to all those fun stuff, tanks have been buffed, burst runes have been nerfed and Zoe’s passive has finally been toned down. Thanks, Riot!


As usual, you can check out Riot’s full notes here


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