Mtk Droid Tools

Mtk droid tools are Android multipurpose tools for mtk device which include backing up and writing IMEI.a stock form of your device(factory Os) which comes in SCATTER FILE, restore IMEI and rooting of all device.

MTK Droid Tools is developed exclusively for the MediaTek Devices. So make sure you are well aware of the device compatibility.

In today’s tutorial, I will show you step by step tutorial on how to use mtkdroid tool

You might be thinking this is going to be difficult: can I do it?

Yes, you can do it with the method am about to show you, anyone can do it including newbies that are flashing phone for the first time.

Just follow the step by step process am about to show you and you will be able to back up and Mtk device with Mtk droid tools

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Requirement Mtk Droid Tools Download tutorial

  • Pc
  • USB cable
  • Installed Latest vcom driver for all mtk device
  • Rooted mtk device Busybox app
  • Installed Mtk droid tools

all file can be download here

Install the busybox apk tools which work with the already rooted device

Before proceeding note that phone must be rooted, if your device is rooted you can move to the next step.

After rooting, you need to download busybox apk which can be download here

Note that Rooting and Flashing IMEI is influencing the device warranty. In fact, it is going to void the device warranty. So make sure you know the conditions prior to agreeing on the tool performance.

next step is downloading Latest vcom driver for all mtk device here see image below how to install it

download Latest Mtk droid tools latest here

Open Mtk droid tools and connect the device via USB cable and navigate setting on your device scroll down to development then enable USB debugging, if you can’t find it under the settings, go to about then scroll down to build tap it 9 times then go back to settings you will see it,

Wait for the driver to install when it does click on the root when a message pop up just click continue.

Before you root your MTK device the backup dialog box will not be able to highlight but after the root is completed you will be able to access it.

Go to the backup and click it, leave everything on touch then let Mtk droid tools finish the rest.


MtkDroid Tool Download


The last process is to locate the backup file and convert it so that Sp flash tool will be able to read the file, you can find the file inside Mtk droid tools fold by just locating the backup folder and select only the one with .md5 format see image below Mtk droid tools download

Did you discover some new mtk droid tool download tips that I hadn’t discuss here?
Let us Know in they comment below!

comment below if you are having an issue I will be willing to help


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