New iOS 13 Jailbreak Exploit Released!

    NEW Jailbreak iOS 13 Exploit Released! Google Project Zero’s Ian Beer released a new exploit based on CVE-2019-8833. This vulnerability was closed by Apple in iOS 13.3, meaning it exists in iOS 13.2.3 and lower. In other words, ALL sub iOS 13.2.3 devices are susceptible to this exploit and may receive a jailbreak as a direct result of this exploit.This is fantastic news!

    We’ll be able to jailbreak the iPhone 11 series, iPhone XS/XR series and lower on iOS 13; it will even be a semi untethered jailbreak. This means we won’t need a computer to jailbreak, unlike checkra1n.

    Up until this point, we haven’t had a kernel exploit-based jailbreak for iOS 13. It looks like that’s about to change! I expect pwn20wnd will update unc0ver for iOS 13 to include this exploit. However until he officially confirms that, we’ll just have to wait. If you missed your chance to downgrade to iOS 13.2.3 while Apple was still signing it, just stay where you are. For instance, when Apple releases iOS 13.3.1, iOS 13.4, iOS 13.5, etc, do not update! Your best bet of being able to jailbreak iOS 13.3 is to just stay where you are.

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