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Ninja had his Fortnite video demonetized for a strange reason

ninja has fortnite youtube video demonetized for

Update: It appears the video was actually never demonetized. This was confirmed by Head of Gaming at YouTube, Ryan Wyatt.


Original story below.


Twitch superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins took to Twitter to express disbelief over a recent video being demonetized because of ‘blood and gore’.

Fortnite ads are leaving YouTube due to exploitation allegations but the platform still has numerous creators still supporting the game.

If there’s one thing about Fortnite it’s that it appeals well to children due to its absence of blood and even wording like ‘kills’ as Fortnite refers to them as ‘Eliminations’ instead.


This is why Ninja was shocked to see one of his Fortnite YouTube videos had been flagged and demotized because of it being ‘bloody and gorey’.


It almost feels like this had to have been accidentally since Ninja is the biggest Fortnite YouTuber creator on the platform and has created hundreds of videos before this one.

The issue appears to be getting resolved as a member of YouTube has already reached out to Ninja regarding the video.


Ninja has over 20 million YouTube subscribers so having a video become demonitized would surely put a hurting on his revenue, despite his success on Twitch and elsewhere.

With this problem being fixed, you likely have nothing to worry about as a Fortnite creator on Youtube. Just another glitch in the system.

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