Pinterest Adds a New ‘Shopping’ Tab to Search Results

    Pinterest is expanding its shopping capabilities with upgrades to existing features and new shopping tabs throughout the platform.

    Pinterest is introducing new ways to shop from pins, on pin boards, and in search results.

    Here’s more about all the new features announced today.

    New Pinterest Shopping Features

    Shop From Boards

    Users can now find a ‘Shop’ tab on their own boards.

    Pinterest Adds a New ‘Shopping’ Tab to Search Results

    Pinterest Adds a New ‘Shopping’ Tab to Search Results

    For example, users can visit their fashion board, click on the Shop tab, and browse through a selection of products featured in the board.

    “Just as if a shopping list has been created for their boards,” Pinterest says.

    This feature is compatible with fashion and home decor products.

    Pinterest notes that it will display in-stock products only.

    Shop From Search Results

    A new ‘Shop’ tab will appear in Pinterest’s search results.

    This will make it easy for users to shop in-stock products when searching for generic terms like spring outfits”, “office decor,” or “kitchen remodel”.

    Users who are looking for something more specific will have the option to filter search results by brand.

    Another new filter has been added that will let users sort search results by price.

    Shop From Pins

    Pinterest’s visual search feature has been upgrading with shopping capabilities.

    Visual search lets users look for products by uploading an image or taking a picture.

    Pinterest will the do its best to return pins with that product in it.

    Now, when conducting a visual search, users will see a new option to “shop similar.”

    Clicking on this option will show related in-stock products for fashion and home decor items.

    Shopping From Anywhere on Pinterest

    With these enhancements Pinterest is defining itself as the social network for shopping – a place where users can buy just about product they see on the screen.

    That’s something Pinterest is keeping users aware of at every turn.

    There’s now a subtle call-to-action inviting users to shop on nearly every screen they’re likely to look at.

    Whether that’s the search results, their own pin boards, or within shoppable pins throughout the network.

    That’s not only more convenient for users, many of whom come to Pinterest with shopping intent, it’s beneficial for retailers.

    Businesses of all sizes have the potential to benefit from these updates, as 97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded.

    Pinterest’s data shows that users primarily search for generic terms and not specific brands.

    As the company puts it, it’s “leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes to be discovered.”

    Trending Shopping Searches on Pinterest

    These updates come at a time when many people are at home and spending more time on their devices.

    Pinterest notes that searches for shopping inspiration and supporting small businesses are on the rise lately.

    Within the last two weeks, searches for “help small businesses” are up three times compared to the prior two weeks.

    Many people are looking for ways to setup their new work-from-home spaces and makeshift offices.

    Searches for “home office setup” are up by 70%.

    Employers are looking for ways to reward their employees and show appreciation during these times.

    There’s been a 4x increase in searches for “employee gift” over the past two weeks.

    Searches for “care package ideas” have doubled.

    Other Pinterest Shopping Statistics

    The number of shoppable product pins on Pinterest are up 2.5x since last year, which drove 2.3x more traffic to retailers.

    The number of users engaging with shopping on Pinterest is up 44% over last year.

    On average, Pinterest users spend 1.6x more than people who don’t use Pinterest.

    Over 80% of Pinterest users have purchased something shown in pins from brands.

    Users are 3x more likely to visit a retailer’s site after discovering them on Pinterest compared to other social networks.

    Pinterest Adds a New ‘Shopping’ Tab to Search Results

    Source: Pinterest Newsroom

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