New relief efforts: Samsung still committing millions to save Indian lives

    Samsung’s hands-on involvement in pandemic relief efforts across India are still going strong, some 18 months in. Southwest Indian state Karnataka is the latest in a long list of regions to which the company managed to deliver something in the way of substantial support. The local government was thus provided with critical supplies, including a variety of pure oxygen reserves. More specifically, the aid came in the form of 24 oxygen concentrators, 150 oxygen cylinders, and 14,000 medical kits .

    All mission-critical, all guaranteed to quite literally save lives in the days ahead. The supplies have been delivered from South Korea which largely managed to stabilize from last year’s global health crisis. India, unfortunately, does not have the luxury of relative geographical isolation and is nearly 70 times the size of Samsung’s home country, population-wise.

    Samsung seems adamant to outlast this crisis

    As a result, what’s technically the aftermath of arguably the worst health crisis in at least a century served as a prelude to one another such natural disaster in the Far East. Samsung has been extremely involved in relief efforts across not just India, but pretty much all the rest of the world’s outbreak hotspots, as well.

    This has been the case since day one, through thick and thin, which gets kind of confusing to tell from one another if you’re looking at secondary factors such as stock performance, bless its schizophrenic movements.

    Apart from Samsung India, this latest move to assist local authorities in getting a grip on recent developments and long-standing developments was also helped by Samsung R&D Institute Bangalore and the Shrimad Rajchandra Sarvamangal Trust, both of which helped boost the number of total medical supplies delivered to Karnataka.

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