High-speed Samsung microSD cards heavily discounted on Amazon.com


If you’re looking for a microSD card for your smartphone or any other device that accepts SD cards, Amazon.com has nice discounts running on Samsung’s Evo Select microSD cards at the moment. 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants are all available for a considerably lower price than what they normally cost.

Higher the storage, bigger the discount

For $60 (40 percent off), you can pick up a 256GB class 10 card. If you own a Galaxy Note 9, you can pick up two of these for a much lower price than what Samsung’s new 512GB card is expected to cost. Don’t need all that storage? You can grab a 128GB card for $25 (also a 40 percent discount). Both 128GB and 256GB cards have read and write speeds of 100 MB/s and 90 MB/s respectively.

If you want to go even lower, the 64GB card can be yours for just $14 (39 percent off). The read speeds remain the same, but you will have to make do with 60 MB/s write speed. The 32GB card, meanwhile, is available for $7, which is 30 percent off its regular price. This one has read and write speeds of 95 MB/s and 20 MB/s respectively, so it’s a basic card fit for basic needs.

Every EVO Select Samsung microSD card comes with a 10-year warranty. To buy one from Amazon, just hit the links below.

Buy Samsung EVO Select microSD card: 32GB | 64GB | 128GB | 256GB

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