Samsung isn’t changing its traditional branding with the Galaxy S10

Samsung isn’t changing its traditional branding with the Galaxy S10

When the iPhone X came out, people all over the world started calling it exactly what it reads as, only to be told that the X is the Roman numeral for the number 10. But the X looks cooler, so that’s what Apple has been sticking to as far as branding and marketing is concerned. And while Samsung’s mobile chief had suggested it could go for a name change with the Galaxy S10, it doesn’t look like it’s happening if we go by the official Galaxy S10 teaser the company posted earlier today.

It’s a minute detail but an interesting one nonetheless. Of course, with Samsung already using the letter S, it wouldn’t make sense to go the iPhone X route, and the company would have to come up with a completely new naming scheme to make a difference. And branding is not the only thing for which Samsung isn’t taking inspiration from its arch-rival. The Korean giant has also decided to opt for a corner cutout instead of a central notch for its next flagship. While a cutout is still going to get in the way of the so-called all-screen experience manufacturers have been talking about, it will differentiate Samsung’s 2019 flagship from the competition.

However, it’s not like Samsung won’t be bringing anything new in terms of branding. The Galaxy S10 Lite will reportedly be sold as the Galaxy S10 E, which might be what DJ Koh had been referring to. Even the Lite moniker would have been a notable departure, as Samsung has simply been sticking the Edge or Plus moniker to the larger model ever since it started releasing two versions of its Galaxy S flagships, and the reason it’s changing things now is no doubt the fact that the Galaxy S10 will come in three variants (and a fourth one with 5G support and a ginormous battery for some markets).

What do you think about Samsung keeping the traditional branding for the Galaxy S10?

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