Samsung’s plans to improve Galaxy Z Fold 3 resilience are on the rails

    Samsung is apparently thinking of new methods in which it can make its foldable flagship phone-tablet hybrids more resilient to shock damage, a new patent application found at the US Patent Office reveals. The patent doesn’t outright mention the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 but instead it describes new additions to the inside structure of the foldable form factor designed to improve the phone’s resilience.

    Samsung’s foldable smartphones are inherently more susceptible to taking damage from drops because they have a fairly intricate hinge system and two displays, one of which is a softer foldable panel. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is surprisingly resistant to abuse given the form factor, but the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 and/or subsequent models could boast new design and structural elements that were meant to improve fall resistance.

    An unusual system of rails with no clear definition

    The patent application discovered by Patently Apple doesn’t seem to be going into many design details but the attached sketches reveal an unusual system of rails located inside the phone between the foldable panel and the midframe.

    We can’t really be certain of how exactly this rail system would work and provide additional protection in the event of an accidental drop, but that’s apparently its purpose, according to the source. Your guess as to how it would function is as good as ours.

    As always though, patent applications don’t guarantee that an idea will become a real product, so perhaps this odd rail system won’t make it in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 or any other consumer device. One thing is clear: Samsung is continuing to work on making its foldable devices more resilient, and that’s a great area to improve upon given the segment’s high prices.

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