Samsung is making self-driving car chips for Google’s Waymo

    Google’s Waymo is among the many companies working on self-driving car technology. These vehicles use sophisticated technologies and advanced chips to drive themselves. So it goes without saying that only the best components find their way inside these cars.

    Samsung is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced logic chipsets. The company is now believed to be making self-driving car chips for Waymo, Google’s self-driving car division.

    Waymo’s self-driving cars may use Samsung chips

    South Korean media is reporting that Samsung has won a project to develop chips for Waymo’s next-generation self-driving cars. Waymo has been testing out a ride-hailing service based on cars that can drive themselves and ultimately aims to fundamentally change mobility.

    Samsung is reportedly going to develop a chip for Waymo that can compute data collected from the various sensors installed in a self-driving car. It may also exchange information with Google data centers in real-time to centrally control functions.

    Since it’s a special project, it’s said to be carried out by System LSI’s Custom SOC Business Team. Samsung hasn’t commented on the matter and that’s not surprising. It rarely offers insight regarding such business deals.

    Samsung has been actively trying to find new customers to make chips for. The work that it does for Waymo can go a long way in helping it score new clients. The self-driving car industry is seeing a lot of rapid advancement. If Samsung is able to prove itself as a reliable partner to Waymo, it may find others in the self-driving niche turning toward it for assistance as well.

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