Samsung is shutting down Family Square next month


We have often seen Samsung axe services that are no longer being used by a lot of people. This time it’s the turn of a service called Family Square. Samsung has confirmed today that it’s shutting down Family Square from next month.

It was launched some three years ago after the Galaxy View came out. It utilized the Galaxy View’s 18.4-inch display to enable users to post pictures to a virtual wall. Different devices could be connected to the local network in order to share photos on the wall.

Family Square turned the Galaxy View into a virtual wall

Samsung is now notifying users that from November 30, 2018, all services related to Family Square will be terminated. It doesn’t say why this decision has been made but it’s likely due to little usage.

It will not be possible to create new shared groups and share new content once the service is terminated. Users can take advantage of a backup service till then to safeguard all of the content that has been shared so far. The content cannot be backed up after November 30. All personal information collected from users during the course of this service will then be deleted.

All apps and services related to Family Square will be terminated on Galaxy View on this date. Same goes for the iOS and Android apps which allowed users to share content to this service.

Be sure to backup your content if you have been using this service. It will become impossible to do so post November 30.

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