Scientists explain how the Earth is trying to destroy humanity

According to some researchers, specifically the planet changes the climate.


Scientists explain how the Earth is trying to destroy humanity


Some scientists believe our planet is a living organism and it’s supposedly not satisfied with the management of people.


That is why the Earth has already launched the process, which once and for all gets rid of this ballast as people, according to the with reference to the news of the world.


Forty years ago, experts Janicki and V. I. Makarov said that the planets are also alive, they are able to share information by sending and receiving signals.


The scientists focused their attention on the cracks in the earth’s crust, which is quite a different magnetic field and different gas concentration. Experts have suggested that through these cracks in our planet breathes.


About the exchange of signals between the planets, said the scientists from Britain, Hartmann, and Curry. They, it should be noted, are the author’s theory about the beginning of the cleansing of the planet.


The earth is supposedly especially drastically changes the climate in the territories in order to destroy people.


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