Skype Introduces Background Blur To Hide The Messy Room From Your Parents

Skype Introduces Background Blur To Hide The Messy Room From Your Parents

Starting this week, Skype is rolling out background blur in Skype video calls. The feature is similar to the background blur in Microsoft teams and lets you have a video call that lets the messy environment around you as it is.

The feature uses artificial intelligence to blur out only the mess and not your hair, hands or arms. It is available on most desktops and laptops running the latest version of Skype.

The above developments follow another important recent update through which Amazon Alexa can now be used to make Skype calls directly without even having to physically touch a supporting Alexa hardware. This update is also applicable to India. If you are using Amazon Alexa in any of the supported devices, do issue voice commands such as “Alexa, dial ABC on Skype,” to initiate Skype calling.

As far as supported Amazon Alexa devices, supporting the new update, is concerned, the list of eligible hardware devices for checking out the above features are; 1st-gen Amazon Echo, second-gen Amazon Echo, first-gen Amazon Echo Plus, second-gen Amazon Echo Plus, second-gen Amazon Dot, third-gen Amazon Dot, first-gen Amazon Show, second-gen Amazon Show, and Amazon Echo Spot.

Apart from Alexa letting you make Skype calls, you could also check out voice calling to fixed-line numbers. To launch the Alexa-initiated voice calling on Skype, launch Alexa and navigate to Menu > Settings > Communication > Use your Skype account to log-in.

The Alexa-initiated voice calling on Skype, rollout, comes at a time when mobile applications such as the likes of Google Duo and others are theoretically figuring within the most preferred applications for resorting to calling over the network (via the internet). Hence, there could potentially be a healthy competition in the communication apps scenario in India.

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