Spectrum Compact Solutions and Benefits

    Spectrum Analyzers are used for measuring and visualizing signal amplitudes on a specific frequency range. The screen of the instrument portrays it in the form of a graphic of frequency vs amplitude. Signal amplitude is seen on the Y-axis and the frequency gets displayed on X-axis. Today, we shall be taking a look at the Spectrum Compact solutions and the advantages it provides. The review shall also give you essential information regarding its usage so that you can make an informed choice.

    What is Spectrum Compact?

    Spectrum Compact by SAF Tehnika is the world’s first portable microwave spectrum analyzer that can be handheld and covers frequency range between 0.3 and 86 GHz. This is a unique mix of portability and variability of applications. 

    The company provides a complete product line that has 7 devices. Each of them has a dedicated frequency range so that you can choose the one according to your needs. Also, all of them come at a highly affordable price. 

    Another benefit is that it’s battery-powered and therefore doesn’t need any external converters and PC connection. This is certainly a must tool if you are a field engineer that has been installing microwave equipment. In case your work demands link troubleshooting, maintenance, and site planning of the real field environment this will be a perfect instrument to have. 

    Spectrum Compact Technology

    This analyzer makes use of resistive touch screen technology. This allows the engineers to be able to wear gloves while they are using this device. A 2.92 mm connector or SMA will allow the device to be integrated easily with any waveguide to the coaxial adapter or antenna system from other manufacturers. 

    Additionally, the device has an industry-leading noise floor meaning high sensitivity. This makes it easy to detect particularly weak signals. The machine has been designed to streamline microwave tests that are usually carried out by engineers in the field both from the ground level and on the tower.  

    Spectrum Compact is widely used by carriers and regulators for basic troubleshooting as well as spectrum clearing, interference detection, and other purposes. You can also use Spectrum Compact for such applications as distributed antenna systems (DAS), VSAT communications systems, LTE, and 5G mobile network environments. 

    What Are the Frequency Bands For Which Spectrum Compact Is Available?

    Spectrum Compact product line can support the varied frequency ranges and is as follows:

    1. 0.3 to 43 GHz (covered by five devices) 
    2. 56 to 71 GHz (Spectrum Compact V-band)
    3. 70 to 87 GHz (Spectrum Compact E-band)

    Benefits AND Highlights OF Spectrum Compact:

    There are several advantages and features of Spectrum Compact, some of which we shall discuss here:

    Ultra-Compact Device

    The device is hand-held. The design has been made specifically for making sure that it’s easy to use outdoors and in different challenging environments. Weighing just under 600 grams, it is a great addition to the toolbox of someone who climbs a lot.

    Compatibility with Various Antenna Systems

    Spectrum Compact can be used for antennas that come from other radio systems and manufacturers. Warranty stays intact whether you use accessories from their official website or not. 

    LCD Touch Screen

    The device has an LCD touch screen. The biggest advantage this provides is that you will be able to keep your gloves on while you operate this unit. Intuitive UI also makes control over the unit easier. 

    High Sensitivity

    You will have the highest receiver sensitivity in every frequency range; this allows the discovery of the weakest signals throughout the whole range of frequencies. 


    You can upload, compare, save, print, and analyze the specific spectrum scan by making use of the free software for the PC that they provide. 

    IP 54 Marking

    IP code or International Protection Marking will ensure that the analyzer is well protected from dust and can also be used during the rainy seasons.

    Battery Life

    Depending on the specific device you purchased, the device’s battery life can last up to 4 hours, which is great. You can even extend this battery life by making use of a quality power bank as well. 

    Final Thoughts

    Having a quality spectrum analyzer is important. But purchasing the right one can be challenging for the experts as well. Spectrum Compact provides devices that have all the features that you need for day-to-day field engineer work. As the cost is affordable and has high durability, this is one of the products worth the investment. 

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