Ssl Certificate free for your website


You probably already know that Ssl Certificate free is very important on every website, as of 2017, google the world’s no 1 biggest search engine made it priority for every website that want to partake in it’s Adsense programe


What is Ssl Certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

as you all know Ssl Certificate is not free from all domain seller like godaddy, namecheap, blue host and others.

But in this tutorial i will be showing you how to get free ssl certificate for your wordpress site fast and easy that a beginner can do.

with the site we are using you can free 1 year ssl certificate it’s actually true, have been using it for my website for a couple of month. you will use the free ssl certificate generator to generate the htpps by just inserting the url of your website


does ssl help seo?

This is one of the question i often ask my self. does ssl help seo ranking?

Yes it does:

deu to some of internet users believe that current laws for protecting their rights are not good enough?

Which makes Google take a strict law to ensure that it protect user privacy.

in order to implement an advanced secure connection for users, in 2014 the search engine giant announced HTTPS as a ranking factor


Infact the site helps generate free trusted ssl certificate comes with step by step process,click the url to ssl certificate free generating site here

You can either generate it by using Automatic FTP Verification

Enter the FTP information for the domain’s server account to automatically verify the domain. It will upload verification files to make sure you own the domain. We do not store FTP information. You may need to whitelist if you have a firewall and cannot connect. You may recieve a “504 Gateway Timeout” error when submitting the below form. This is an error with connecting to your server. Either the host or port is wrong or it is likely due to your firewall and you will need to whitelist


Or Manual verification which i will be using for this tutorial

note that your server must be on port 80 if HTTP (or port 80 open and forwarding to 443 if HTTPS). If your web server is not listening on port 80 then you will need to temporarily listen on port 80 or forward port 80 to the port for the web server.

  1. follow this six step
    1. Download the following verification files by clicking on each link below
    1. Download File #1
    2. Download File #2
  2. 2. Create a folder in your domain named “.well-known” if it does not already exist. If you use Windows you may have to add a dot at the end of the folder name in order to create a folder with a dot at the beginning.

3. Create another folder in your domain under “.well-known” named “acme-challenge” if it does not already exist

4. Upload the downloaded files to the “acme-challenge” folder

  • 5. Verify successful upload by visiting the following links in your browser for example

6. If the files do not show random alphanumeric characters or shows an error then recheck that you are uploading in the correct place. Also try viewing the page source (Right-click then click “view page source”) of the above links to make sure nothing else shows up but the verification file contents. If you use IIS then you may have to change your server config so that files without an extension (or the wildcard MIME type) serves as text/plain. Contact your host if you are unsure.

7. Click Download SSL Certificate with the green button



ssl certificate checker click here


You might want buy ssl certificate?

If you want to buy ssl certificate for your website i will recommend namecheap ssl

Did you discover some new Ssl Certificate free tips that i hadn’t discuss here?
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