Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Min Min Guide

    This is everything you need to know about Min Min, one of the least conventional Smash characters.

    Min Min is an unconventional character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Just like her appearance in Arms, Min Min focuses on her long-ranged punches that can stretch forward for half the stage. Within Smash she is a tricky fighter to master, but these tips and tricks can help you noodle your way up to the top.

    General Strategy

    Min Min Strategy Smash
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    Min Min is a keep-away character. She has some short-range moves like her down and up smashes, but that is not her forte. Min Min can curve her punches upwards and downwards to surprise opponents. She can also change her fists that are suited for multiple situations. Keep an element of strategy in your head as you face your foes in battle. Like making a bowl of ramen, playing this character requires patience.

    When dealing with projectile-based characters like Zelda or Samus, keep up the pressure with your punches and don’t give them space. Always pay attention to the distance between you and the competitor(s).

    Her Fist Attacks

    Min Min A Attack Smash Bros
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    Min Min’s fists have a lot more versatility than one would initially believe. Yes, it’s pretty much a long-range punch, but there are many options available to you. Something to keep in mind is that your fists can go one after the other. If you hold A (or B) for a second and press B (or A) shortly afterwards, you can give your foe the old one-two!

    The first punch we’ll talk about is the dragon fist. This has a medium weight to it and has the furthest reach out of the three options. Its range can stretch more than half the Final Destination stage as you can let out a beam at the end of the punch. If you press A once again at the end of the stretch animation, the beam will release. To add even more complexity, the player can bend the fist by tilting the stick up or down. Poor Shulk, even he didn’t see this coming. This tactic is particularly nasty when an opponent is off stage as you can stop his or her recovery.

    Min Min Ram Ram Smash Bros
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    If you press down-B, you can switch out each of the right fists. A is always going to be her dragon punch, while B will be an alternating fist. Her default B fist is her quickest, the Ramram. It has a ring-like feature at the end of the weapon that is snappy but it’s the weakest as well. If you want to get a few quick strikes to rack up the damage, this is good way to start. However, if you want to knock someone out of the ring, this isn’t the optimal fist to use. It works as a slight anti-air, however, as it has a diagonal direction at the end of the animation.

    Min Min Megawatt Smash Bros
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    Last is the powerful, but sluggish Megawatt. This option is like switching to Charizard with the Pokemon Trainer; it’s slow, easy to miss, but when it hits, oh boy, it hurts real bad. This works well against opponents who are off-stage. It’s a scary presence and it can knock them off as they’re trying to get back to the ring. There’s a high risk-reward with this fist as speedier characters can evade it pretty easily but if you catch them off guard, they go flying.

    Other Attacks And Recovery

    Min Min isn’t just a one-trick pony; she has a few other moves at her disposal. The fighter is also known for her butt-kicking legs too. If your opponent is able to roll around your long-range punches, there are a few options available to you. You can slide kick by pressing down A. If that lands, follow it up with an air kick; it can be a surprising move from a character that relies on her punches so much.

    Min Min Air Attack Super Smash Bros Ultimate Switch
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    In addition, Min Min has a useful neutral A attack that unleashes a dazzling amount of kicks towards her opponents.

    Min Min Neutral A Smash Bros Attack
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    Another option would be Min Min’s neutral air attack. It’s very useful as this swing of the arm is a quick retaliation move and a way to keep edge cancellers at bay.

    If used carefully, the noodle hero’s divekick can be deadly. It has an awesome utility to get her back on her feet from the air (an area she isn’t particular great in), but the dive kick can actually spike players if you’re pinpoint accurate. There’s a big risk, however, as this move is super fast and can lead to instant death. If Min Min’s at her last stock with 100% your opponent is at 30-40%, it might be a good desperation move that the opponent will never see coming. It’s so foolish, it might just work!

    Min Min Dive Kick Smash Bros Ultimate Switch
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    Min Min’s recovery can be awful and incredibly useful at the same time. If Min Min is pushed back too far away, she’s helpless. However, even if she’s so close to the bottom of the pit, her stretchy arms can save her in a pinch. Like Joker and Young Link’s chain, it zips straight to the edge. However, be careful. Some smart Super Smash Bros players can bounce you off from this position, so once you’re back up to the ledge, be snappy and get up to the stage prompto.

    Min Min Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ledge
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    When used correctly, Min Min is a force to be reckoned with. Just keep your patience, use her tools effectively, and soon you’ll be wipng the floor with the competition! We think she’s a pretty good character, so you should use her as an unpredictable pick!

    Her debut in the game last year is giving Super Smash Bros. fans hope as her announcement proclaimed that spirits could still make it on the roster. She might lead the way towards Rex & Pyra finally making it in or maybe, just maybe, Rayman.

    After trying out the ramen loving Min Min, perhaps you’ll dive more into the play style of the One-Winged Angel Sephiroth. If that’s the case, we’re one step ahead of you with a guide on him as well.

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