The amazing Vava 4K HDR ultra-short-throw projector drops to $1,950

    That’s $850 off the regular price and the best deal yet. Still expensive? Yes. Still totally worth it? Yes.

    I know what I want for Christmas. (Actually, Hanukkah, but you get my meaning.) It’s this Vava 4K HDR Projector, which blasts a beautiful, mammoth image on the wall and solves a number of the challenges normally associated with projector setups. It regularly sells for $2,800, but for a limited time, there’s a substantial discount: The Vava 4K Projector UHD Ultra-Short-Throw Laser is on sale for $1,950. That’s by far the lowest price yet; it even beats a short-lived Prime Day deal.

    What’s an ultra-short-throw projector? One you can park right below your screen or wall. That the hassles of a traditional ceiling mount, which are considerable. Plus, the Vava features a built-in Harman Kardon soundbar, one with both Dolby and DTS audio support. That means you can dispense with additional audio gear (and the remote and cabling that goes with it).

    The projector runs a specialized version of Android, but it’s clunky and limited. Trust me when I say you’ll want to plug in your preferred Fire TV or Roku streamer. There are three HDMI inputs, so you’ll also have room for your game console and another device. (One of them is HDMI ARC in case you want to expand beyond the built-in sound system.)

    I was able to test-drive the Vava earlier this year. Here’s what I learned:

    • It’s a breeze to set up and operate, proof positive to me that UST projectors are the wave of the future. One box, one wall, done.
    • It produces a bright, sharp picture — one you can see easily even in a well-lit room.
    • The built-in speakers sound superb, though the projector itself produces a constant low-level fan noise that can be a bit distracting during quiet scenes. That’s really my only ding on the product.
    • UST projectors are less forgiving on uneven walls than traditional projectors. For the best overall experience, you’ll probably want to invest in a proper screen. (You could also build your own on the cheap.)
    • I want one.

    With this projector, you’re limited only by the amount of wall space you have: It can project an image as large as 150 inches. (And, at minimum, 80 inches.) That’s some serious home theater right there.

    Indeed, if you’re thinking movie theaters aren’t coming back any time soon and you want to recreate the big-screen experience as best you can, this is a great way to go about it. Excuse me while I bust open the piggy bank to see if I can swing this somehow.

    Your thoughts?

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