This amazing Samsung QLED 4K TV deal gets you a high-end 65-inch TV for under £1,200

    And the 55-inch version is just £899 – these are the best TVs you can buy at this budget!

    This is the best 4K TV deal right now for those who want a big, bright QLED TV: Samsung’s QE65Q80R 65-inch TV is now just £1,199 at AV specialist store Crampton & Moore! – or it’s available for £1,249 from Currys.

    • Buy the Samsung QE65Q80R from Crampton & Moore for £1,199
    Buy the Samsung QE65Q80R from Currys for £1,249

    The Q80R is such a good deal because it’s an astounding mix of picture quality, features and now price – having started its life costing £2,499 for this 65-inch version, it’s now half price!

    Oh, and all these advantages apply to the 55-inch version too, which is down to an astounding £899 at Currys – it’s easily the best TV you can buy for that price.

    • Buy the Samsung QE55Q80R from Currys for £899

    The QLED panel is about 50% brighter than the LG C9, which is one of our highest-rated TVs (and costs hundreds more), and localised dimming of its direct backlight means it’s capable of dramatic darkness too, without the light leaking and turning black areas grey as can be a case with cheaper LCD TVs.

    The brightness is the killer feature here, because it not only gives you dazzling and realistic HDR, it also pushes the gorgeous colours that QLED is known for, and makes the set more visible in bright lighting, so it’s great for watching in sunnier rooms, or if you don’t turn the lights way down for movies.

    Samsung Q65Q80R 65-inch QLED 4K TV | Now £1,199 at Crampton & Moore
    This was one of the top models in Samsung’s 2019 4K TV range, and the picture quality is unmatched at this price. Bright HDR images and impressive deep contrast levels mix with impeccable upscaling for a TV that handles everything excellently. It’s also great for gaming, thanks to very low input lag from an auto-switching game mode.VIEW DEAL

    Samsung Q65Q80R 65-inch QLED 4K TV | Now £1,249 at Currys
    The same model as above, but at Currys – slightly more expensive, but some may prefer to buy from there. To get it for this price, use the code 50TVSAVE at checkout for an extra £50 off!VIEW DEAL

    The image processing is also fantastic – Samsung’s AI-based system does an incredible job of making HD footage look sharp on the 4K screen without being artificial in any way.

    The Q80R range is being replaced by a new model for 2020, hence the big discounts, but there’s actually not a big leap forward for the latest models, so this buy will hold up really well as an investment.

    So while stocks last of the Q80R at this price, it’s possibly the best balance of image quality to the price you can find. If you want a dramatic TV upgrade while you’re stuck indoors, we can’t recommend it enough.

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