Top 10 Instagram Video Downloader 2021

    Hi guys, have you been looking for how to save Instagram videos directly to your phone. Have you ever wondered how those attractive and fancy videos can be saved directly to your phone? If your answer is yes. Then here is the Top 10 Instagram video Downloader 2021 

    Furthermore, we all have at one time or the other, come across some interesting videos on Instagram, and the wish to download it will be of great priority to us, however, Instagram does not offer an option to download or save videos to our mobile device or PC.

    Also, many people prefer Instagram to other social media platforms, due to the high-quality picture and video quality the platform offers to viewers and users.

     Furthermore, we all use Instagram to interact with friends and family, and many people use Instagram above all because people love using it for live videos, broadcasting, and the rest, this is the reason why Instagram is having a lead above all other social media platforms. 

    However, the fact that Instagram does not give an option for users to download vidoes is quite disheartning. We quite understand the fraustration of instagram users due to their inability to download their favorite videos directly to their phone. This is the reason why we have come up with Top 10 Instagram Video Downloaders 2021 to help you achieve your goal, and download your favorite vidoes. 

    In addition, many people do not prefer to use applications to get their videos, they prefer going to website to get their work done. So we shall be giving you a website you can download from as well as an application you can use. 

    What we mean by website version is that, you will not need to install any software or application on your devices, as this may take a whole lot of your storage. However, you will only need to copy the url of the videos you want to download and paste in the website, immediately the website will take it up from there, and download the video for you. 

    Most of the websites we shall be mentioning in this article, offer various options for your downloaded videos, you can edit them, you can mute and do various things with it. You should bear in mind that, good internet connection is required to use instagram, and to enjoy it. 

    With the application versions, you can have the software on your phone permanently, there won’t be a need for you to cram the name of any website, all you will just have to do is to install the app on your phone, once installed you can log on to the app at any time. 

    Extensively, bear in mind that all the websites and apps that will be listed here are all free for users’ needs, you won’t be required to pay a penny to use any of this website or apps. 

    We know some websites are not free to perform some task there, for example if you plan to use video Downloader for twitters, some websites or apps will charge you monthly to do these things, some will demand you to pay up to $10 monthly.

    We are offering Top 10 Instagram Video Downloader 2021 for free, because we care about you. Many websites out there do not offer this kind of content for free, you know why? It’s because they understand and know people’s high desire to get their favorite video downloaded from Instagram. 

    Furthermore, many celebrities use instagram over Facebook, because Instagram is more brighter and more interesting above others. And again, we understand the fact that instagram consumes data bundles above others apps, this is due to the high quality performance of this website. In addition this Top 10 Instagram Video Downloaders 2021, will make your needs met, to download your favorite videos from this app. 

    Instagram is a wonderful app, it was sold to Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2015, and since then Mark Zuckerberg has been the one controlling the affairs of the company. Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg, owns 3 most used social media platforms in the world, which are

    • Facebook
    • WhatsApp 
    • Instagram. 

    This is indeed wonderful, among these three apps,  it’s only allowed  to download pictures but not videos to your phone, you have to use an external app or website to get this done. Furthermore, you can not download video content directly from YouTube to your mobile device as well, you have to use an external app or websites. 

    Furthermore, we shall be giving you top notch secrets on how you can download all of your favorite videos directly to your phone be it via, website or applications. 

    However, after going through our list of this apps and website you can use to download your favorite videos on your phones, kindly remember to share this with your friends and let it be of help to them.

    Instagram is a photo-sharing and social networking application that became popular mainly because of its high quality and unique features like square image format, filters, and the lack of a website variant.

    Yup, the app only works on supported mobile devices and there is no web version.

    Downloads – 1 billion – 5 billion

    With over billions of downloads and continuous, Instagrams seems to be leading in the world of social media industry. It highly became popular due to its high quality and unique features for both pictures and videos.

    We shall first be putting you through how to download instagram videos directly to your phone via website. Do read with attention. 

    Easiest Guide to Download Videos From Instagram.

    So you are ready to learn how to download videos from Instagram right? Here is an updated 2021 guide on how to get it done. The most interesting part of this method is that you can download multiple videos at once to your mobile devices with our given method here, we are sure you will find this method helpful enough. 

    Furthermore, bear in mind that this method will only allow you to download instagram posts, videos or pictures directly to your mobile devices from public access only, if an account is being made private, there is no way you can download the videos from such an account. 

    Instagram: This method allows you to download contents directly to your phone, it works on PC, MacBook , Windows 10 and the rest, you do not need an application or website to get this done, all you need is chrome browser. 

    Open your chrome browser, install Downloader extension on it, once this has been downloaded, leave it there in your chrome browser and do not touch it, the use for it is on the way, it’s part of the requirements, that will enable you download videos from instagram. 

    You can head over to your Instagram account on your chrome browser. With this there will be an option for you to save videos directly to your phone, with the help of the first extension you have downloaded on your chrome browser. 

    In conclusion to the method we have mentioned above, that can enable you to have your videos directly on your mobile devices directly from instagram. If you will like to have multiple downloads at a time, just click on the download all option, and you will be able to download everything you want at a go. 

    However, bear in mind that the above option we stated best works for a computer, if you will like to download videos directly to your mobile and Android devices, kindly follow the method that will be stated below 

    From the home-screen, tap the hamburger icon > tap Tools and hit Instagram Downloader.

    Now, if you wish to download some photo from a particular Instagram account, just open that account on the Instagram app > select the photo > tap the three-dots icon in the top-right and tap Copy link.

    Go back to the website > tap Download photo > paste the link in the blank space and hit Search. The photo will appear below in the results, hit Download to go ahead.

    Similarly, you have to do the same to download videos. After copying the link, this time you have to paste it under Download video.

    Lastly, to download Instagram stories, tap Download Stories on the website and enter the Instagram account username from where you want to download the story. After that, below you will be able to see the current stories as well as the old Highlights, simply tap Download from under the post which you wish to store on your phone and that’s it.

    The process remains the same on your computer as well.

    Instagram: Alternative ways to download posts

    Below, there are a couple of websites that allow you to download Instagram photos, videos and stories on your phone as well as your computer. Follow these steps to know more.

    To download stories to your phones, Perhaps one of your friend posted a video story on his or her account and you love the story, Perhaps you reach out to this your friend to send the story to you, but your friend refused to send the story to you, and you seek for ways with which you can download the story to your phone, not to worry, let’s put you through, it’s quite simple and easy to get done. The number one thing you should do is to got to storysaver login your account details there, (it’s quite safe to do so) it’s like Instagram, once logged in, you will be able to download your favorite video story your phones. 

     If you will go social down on your phone or computer, as well as the latter application, you will be required to login to the site with your Instagram login details. 

    If you wouldn’t want to login with your details, you can skip it as well, then hoop over to instagram, then copy the link of the video you will love to save to your device, then paste it into the website once displayed, your videos will be safer directly to your site.

    Start downloading your videos and images now from instagram directly to your phone, we believe the above ways mentioned above we go a long way, in setting your foot on how to download the right videos to your phone, however , we shall be putting you through how to download the videos and photos to your phone, using mobile application.

    Instagram is being used by over billions of people all over the world. It’s being widely and most popularly used in India, especially since tik tok has been banned in India. Now Instagram stands to be one of the most popularly used sovi media in the world. But the limitation of not being able to download videos from the site, is a lot to worry about. This is why we are taking a while to explain how you can download videos from instagram to everyone at free cost. Now we shall be heading at Top 10 Instagram Videos Downloader 2021

    With our tips that have been mentioned, you will discover that it’s not quite easy to download videos from instagram. Because it involves you having to copy the url of the video you will like to download and still having to open up another website and go paste the url there. However, with the Top 10 Instagram video Downloader 2021 which shall be based on Android and iPhone applications, you will discover it’s quite easy to download videos from instagram.

    Furthermore, with the application versions, all you will be required to do is to just open the app, and perform whatever task you will like to perform. For Instance, on some applications, they are directly linked to YouTube , you will only be required to download the YouTube videos directly to your phone. However, this is quite simple as you won’t need to cram any website off hand, because the apps are already installed on your phone. 

    In addition, to get any of this application that will be mentioned below, you can go to playstore on your Android device, and you can go to apple store, if you are using an iPhone. 

    Do make sure you remember to share this article with others so they can also be enlightened on how they can download videos from instagram, do enjoy yourself as we present to you Top 10 Instagram Video Downloaders. 

    You don’t have to worry since you will find plenty of apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store that can download Instagram videos, photos, IGTV videos, and even stories. So in this article, I am going to show you the 10 best Instagram video saver apps for Android & iPhone in 2020.

    Please note: All these apps are chosen at random, and their rank doesn’t mean one is better than the order, you can choose any of the listed below that suits your satisfaction and use. That one is in number one and the other is in number 8 doesn’t mean they are better than each other, they have just been chosen at random. 

    Here are mind-blowing apps you can use to download your Instagram videos

    • Videodownloader
    • InSaver
    • Story Saver
    • InstaSaver
    • Video Downloader for Instagram
    • Repost for Instagram
    • Downloader for Instagram
    • Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram (InsTake)
    • InstaSave
    • Super Save

    Instagram Video Downloader 2021

    This website is one of the easiest to use, all you have to do is to paste the URL of the video you want into the box provided

    1. Video Downloader for Instagram by InShot

    Video Downloader – Instagram Repost App (InShot)

    Size: The size is 6.8 MB

    Downloads    50M+

    Ratings    4.8

    Origin    US

    Price    Free

    Video Downloader for the Instagram app is from one of my favorite app developers InShot. I have used many of their apps, including this one. The app has a simple interface, and downloading videos from Instagram is straightforward. Just copy the links from the Instagram post and open this app, and your download will begin automatically.

    You can download photos, videos, and IGTV videos from the app, but to download Instagram stories or from a private account you need to log on to Instagram from this app. Other than that, you can also repost, share, and copy tags within the app. It also comes with a built-in video player and an option to change the download location. Overall, this app is one of the best apps to download Instagram videos for Android.

    Download From Play Store

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    2. InSaver

    Insaver is meant for both Android and users. 

    With this app, you don’t need to go through any stress of copying url from Instagram and pasting on your site, everything you need can be done on the site, you can download videos direct from Instagram on the app, all you need is to know the location of the video, and you are set to download your videos.

    Download From App Store

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    3. Story Saver & Video Downloader

    Story Saver for Android

    Size    29 MB

    Downloads    5M+

    Ratings    4.5

    Origin    India

    Price    Free

    This is another powerful Instagram downlaods that can be used to download every of your favorite videos, all you are to do, is to install this application from either play store (android users) or from Apple store fo those that are using iPhones or Macbook 

    The app also comes with additional features like collage maker, photo grid, and resize. So you don’t have to install any other app if you need these features on your iPhone or Android devices.

    Download From Play Store

    4. InstaSaver

    Insta Saver

    Size    6.1 MB

    Downloads    1M+

    Ratings    4.8

    Origin    New Zealand

    Price    Free

    If you are looking for an app that has a clean UI and can save Instagram pictures and videos, then InstaSaver is for you. Also, it’s the only app on this list that doesn’t come with ads, which most of you guys will appreciate. Besides that, this app size is less and has a feature like a repost, copy tags, and copy captions. Currently, I am also using this app to save videos from Instagram on my Android phone.

    Download From Play Store

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    5. Video Downloader for Instagram

    Video Downloader for Instagram

    Size    5.6 MB

    Downloads    500K+

    Ratings    4.6

    Origin    Turkey

    Price    Free

    Like most of the apps on this list, it can also download Instagram videos, photos, and IGTV videos. The only difference is, on other apps download starts automatically when you copy the link, whereas in this app you need to tap on “Check Clipboard” every time you copy the link. It’s not a big deal since it gets the job done. It also has a few basic features like Repost, Copies Tags, and Share option directly within the app.

    Download From Play Store

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    6. Repost for Instagram

    Repost for Instagram (iPhone)

    This app is available for iPhone users and as the name sounds, you can use the app to repost Instagram photos and videos of your friends or celebrity with a wide variety of customization available.

    The app is not only limited to this feature, but you can also download Instagram pictures and videos. Here’s how: Just copy the link -> Open Repost for the Instagram app ->  Tap on Repost -> Save Video option will appear.

    The app is simple to use and doesn’t require much time to understand. For iPhone users, this is the best Instagram downloader app in the App Store.

    Download From App Store

    7. Downloader for Instagram

    Downloader for Instagram

    Size    4.4 MB

    Downloads    10M+

    Ratings    4.6

    Origin    Vietnam

    Price    Free

    This is another best Instagram video downloader app for downloading photos and videos on Android devices. It was also the very first app that I used to save Instagram videos during my early days, and even now it performs well.

    The downloading procedure is similar to other apps on this list, so I don’t think there is a need for an explanation. The other notable features are repost, IGTV video download, and the option to change the download path.

    Download From Play Store

    8. Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram (InsTake)

    Photo & Video Downloader for Instagram

    Size    6.6 MB

    Downloads    10M+

    Ratings    4.8

    Origin    Taiwan

    Price    Free

    The InsTake app helps users save pictures and videos available on Instagram. The app is fairly easy to use and doesn’t take much time to download. You also get a built-in video player and the option to change the download location. Other than that, you can copy captions, repost, and share the downloaded videos and images directly from the app.

    Download InsTake

    9. InstaSave


    Size    7.4 MB

    Downloads    1M+

    Ratings    4.6

    Origin    British Virgin Islands

    Price    Free

    InstaSave is another best app to save videos from Instagram. The app is available for Android only and does pretty much everything that other apps do. Whether you want to download images or videos or even IG videos, this app will do its job perfectly.

    You also get the common features like repost, copy captions, and share options. But what most of you guys will like about this app is downloading videos from private accounts. All you have to do is just log in to your Insta account within the app and you are good to go. With that, you can download Instagram stories too.

    Download InstaSave

    10. Super Save

    Super Save

    Size    4.1 MB

    Downloads    5M+

    Ratings    4.4

    Origin    China

    Price    Free

    Download Super Save

    This last app you are looking at on your screen is mindblowing, it downloads your videos and pictures in a very powerful and sharp form. You can download in a very easy step. Download the app from playstore and start enjoying your app.


    Well, this was the list of 10 best free Instagram video Downloader Apps for iPhone and Android in 2020. All the apps in this list work perfectly, and there shouldn’t be any problem for you in downloading. If you face any issues or see an app that is no longer working, just comment down below and I will look after the matter.

    We have taken our time to list powerful apps that will allow you to download every of your favorite videos from instagram in the year 2021. We hope this greatly meets your needs. 

    Top 10 Instagram Video Downloader 2021, will provide solutions to everyone who has been battling with downloading videos from instagram. 

    We quite understand the difficulties many people encounter in their bid, to download contents from Instagram this is we provide Top 10 instagram video Downloader 2021 for you, we will like to hear from you. Which of the above listed apps is your favorite? 

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