Top 5 Gadgets for the Galaxy S9

Top 5 Gadgets for the Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a quick upgrade from the Galaxy S8 and improves upon many previous features.

Being released during the first quarter of 2018, the Galaxy S9 boasts a very swift and incredible biometric security feature. It also has a better camera that gives an amazing low-light performance.

So if the Samsung Galaxy S9 is already a great phone, could it get even better? Yes, there are lots of useful gadgets and utilities out there that aims to improve your Samsung Galaxy S9 experience, some may even cost more than others.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S9 shines at the top of the food chain, there are some gadgets that can provide more utility and appeal to your phone.

Whether choosing to upgrade to a Galaxy S9 or already owning one, these useful gadgets are there to keep your device in pristine condition.

They also help to increase storage and battery life and much more. Ranging from headphones to chargers, we’ve made the list and here are the top 5 gadgets for the Samsung Galaxy S9. These gadgets are sure to make your day even better.

Tozo Case for Galaxy S9

With any new phone, the first thing to get is often a case and there are always many great options to choose from. The Galaxy S9 often tends to be a very slippery phone.

If you want to protect it, you will have to get a case that aims to protect it from the likely chance of slipping off your hands. As the Galaxy S9 is a beautiful device, no one would want to cover it up with an ugly case.

The Tozo case comes with a minimalistic style and has got you covered. It has got a clear transparent back. This will allow you to see the back of the phone in all its glory. It also has some rubber protection on the sides and some more added protection on the back.

TOZO case galaxy s9

Another great feature of this case is that it is available in a multiple of colors. Overall it’s a very low-profile case and it sort of acts like a glove for the Galaxy S9. For the Galaxy S9, this case will fit nicely and highlight your phone’s fantastic features. While the Galaxy S9 can be slippery at times, this case aims to offer a solution that might just be what you were looking.

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Samsung EVO Micro SD memory card (128 GB)

One outstanding feature on the Galaxy S9 is that Samsung still decided to keep the Micro SD card slot. Samsung produces some of the highest quality of memory cards in the world.

If you are the type of person that likes to take lots of photos and videos and it eats up a lot of the storage, then you would have to get an SD Card.

Samsung even has one that is 128 GB and comes at an affordable price. This card comes with a read speed of 100 MB/s and a write speed of 90 MB/s and is a class 10, Grade 3 card and supports 4K video recording.

Samsung EVO SD card

Other than that, it has a 10-Year limited warranty. You can even use this card along with your computer, camera or laptop. If you try to get that much storage on your phone when you buy it, then it will cost a lot more.

Moreover, this card is backed up by a 4-proof protection which aims to keep your data safe and secure against extreme temperatures, water and other harsh conditions. The Samsung EVO 128 GB SD Card comes at a great value for the price and gives an outstanding performance.

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RAVPower USB-C/A cable

There are many great cables that you can use with the Samsung Galaxy S9. There are tons of manufacturers that make really nice cables. One of the best ones that have proved to be extremely useful is this one by RAVPower.

This cable represents quality, has a very durable aluminium build and comes with a lifetime warranty. Its durability aims towards preventing corrosion, abrasion and thermal damage. It also has a built-in resistor for safe-charging to protect your devices.

It is a Y-shaped cable that has a USB Type C and USB A on the other side. This becomes really convenient when you don’t know what you are going to be plugging your phone up to.

RAVPower USB-C/A cable

So whether that has a wall adapter that is USB Type C or a regular USB slot, you can use either of the two to make sure that you are covered. The same thing goes for plugging it into a computer.

It has a data transfer rate of 480 MB/s and comes as a long 3.3 ft. cord. So if your computer has a USB Type C, you can plug it in with no problem. But if it doesn’t you can always use the standard USB port. Overall, this is a great pick for the Galaxy S9 and it is there to meet all your USB cable needs.

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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Edition

The next gadget on this list that you might fall in love with while you pick up your phone is the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Edition. This is an awesome smartwatch where you can have access to all of the notifications, apps on your phone and many more interesting features.

And the Tencent OS that is running on this device is a lot better than other android operating systems that are usually installed in smart watches. This smartwatch has an amazing fluidity with an attractive design.

You can always change the watch face to fit whatever mood you are in so there are lots of many options with this gadget. And you can even go into the store and download as many interesting apps for the smartwatch. There are also paid versions along with free ones and lots of options to choose from.

Galaxy S3 Frontier

And while you’ve got the ability to make calls, access apps and do all kinds of interesting stuff with this watch, the best feature would be the ability to find your phone. You can use its phone finding feature, in case you forget where you left your phone at.

And finally, it also has a heart sensor which you can use as a fitness tracker and many more features. Overall, this is a really solid watch even though it is a bit more on the expensive side. But if you want a great smartwatch, this is a good deal considering the price of performance and what you are getting.

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Sennheiser HD 440

This is the HD 440 and comes at an affordable price. It offers a really good sound quality along with its Bluetooth feature. Gladly, Samsung didn’t remove the headphone jack on the Galaxy S9 so you can also use this headphone with its jack in your device.

This headphone is made entirely of plastic but will feel solid and well-built. They are light-weight and durable and there is no creaking in the plastic structure. There is a rubber padding on the inside for extra added comfort. The ear-pads are also replaceable made of leather which helps to block out noise from the surroundings.

Sennheiser 440

The Sennheiser HD 440 gives a solid performance along with crisp and clear sound quality and a pretty good bass. They sound great for a wide range of music, especially when listening to bass-heavy tracks and when watching movies too.

The bass gets deep enough without distorting or drowning out the dialogues. It has an accurate sound overall with a rich bass and is fun to listen to. So if you are looking for something inexpensive but comes with great style, you might definitely want to take a look at the Sennheiser HD 440.

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Whether it be listening to music, playing video games, watching movies, fast-charging, fitness tracking, extra added protection or storing lots of pictures and videos, the Samsung Galaxy S9 can do all of that perfectly by itself.

And with these useful gadgets and accessories, your whole Samsung Galaxy S9 experience can reach new heights. It can provide an even better and fulfilling experience that you could have previously thought of.

Other than that, there are also countless other accessories out there that aim to add to your Galaxy S9 experience.  Overall, the Galaxy S9 is a beast of a phone when it comes to its features and choosing the best gadgets for it can be overwhelming.

However, it is advised to start with something that you might consider to be a priority for you and lean on from there to more advanced gadgets.

If you plan on getting the Samsung Galaxy S9 or already own one, then having some of these accessories will definitely get you where you need to be with your phone and elevate your Samsung experience to new heights.