UPDATE Pokemon Go Which Pokemon Can be Ditto in Disguise

    The Normal Type Gen 1 Pokemon Ditto it’s not like any other Pokemon. Ditto can take the form of other Pokemon and can be a big pain in the butt to find it, especially when it comes down to completing quests in Pokemon Go and you might end up getting stuck on that specific quest. So learning which Pokemon can be Ditto in the wild could be helpful.

    A lot of players are ‘struggling’ to find Ditto in the wild and don’t know which Pokemon can be a Ditto in disguise. For that reason, I’ve decided to dig a little bit deeper and find the right answer.

    Current Ditto Disguises

    Gen 1 Pokemon

    • Venonat
    • Paras
    • Weedle

    Gen 2 Pokemon

    • Hoothoot
    • Ledyba
    • Remoraid
    • Spinarak (still investigating)

    Gen 3 Pokemon

    • Whismur
    • Gulpin
    • Skitty
    • Numel
    • Seedot

    Gen 4 Pokemon

    • Bidoof

    Gen 5 Pokemon

    • Pidove (not sure yet, but reports are coming in that some players caught Ditto disguised as Pidove)

    I hope this list will come in handy, so good luck on finding Ditto in the wild!

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