After damning report, a voting app says it’s secure—but experts have questions

    On Thursday, researchers at MIT published an injurious study about vulnerabilities in a “blockchain-based” voting app called Voatz. They found that malicious attackers could penetrate the app and then view, disrupt transmission, or even alter voters’ choices. 

    Despite the niche nature of the app (it’s geared towards overseas and disabled voters) and the technicality of the study, the New York Times picked up the news; the integrity of electronic voting is on everyone’s mind in the wake of the disastrously botched use of a voting app in the Iowa caucus. 

    Broadcasting the troubling findings in the Times has prompted public criticism of the app across the internet, and worry by public officials of its use in elections: One county that was planning to use the app has already decided against doing so in the wake of the report. Read more…

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