Whatsapp TIPS, Tricks & Hacks You Don’t Know

    For those of you who don’t know what WhatsApp is?

    WhatsApp is essentially a free messages app and it’s honestly so amazing which is available in the apps store or google play store and it will blow your mind.

    I thought this Hacks, tips, and tricks will be super useful which I have 10 personal for my readers today and make sure you study and practice all the tricks and I will be showing you till the end cause last one is my favorite and you don’t want to miss that.

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS 1

    Group Video calls: did you know that you could make group video calls on WhatsApp which is super simple.

    head on to your WhatsApp, go to any contact, on the top bar you will see a video icon menu, click it and you will be live on video call, also check the right and side which you will see a Plus icon, you can use it to add a contact you want to be part of the group. the screen will be divided for all the participant added to the video call.

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS

    how epic is that one, I hope you’ve learned new tricks today, let’s move to the next one.


    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS 2

    Bold Italics Strike: I don’t know how useful this is for some people but anyway you can both italics and also strikethrough text on WhatsApp.

    Here is how to go about it, open a contact you want to chat with then type a word you want to send (let use Hello) when you type the word Hello add the star sign (Hello*)

    this will be bold the text before you send for italics use the underscore symbol at both ends(_Hello_) for strikethrough add tild at both ends (~Hello~) does that make a sense?

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS

    Am sure it’s really cool but let’s move on to the next tips


    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS 3

    Location Sharing: This was pretty epic when I found out from a friend how to use it. Here is how to go about it, open a contact you want to chat, click on the attachment icon side camera then you will get a pop up with Documents, Camera, Gallery, Audio, location and Contact icon, tap the location icon which open another page where you can share live location which can be 15 minutes 1 hour or 8 hours.

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS

    it can help parent to track the location of their kids just by asking them to share their location
    if you want to stop sharing just hit stop.

    That is it I hope it is a cool feature.

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS 4

    Edit Picture: One of the things I didn’t know was I could actually edit pictures within WhatsApp

    to edit a picture choose the picture from your WhatsApp gallery, at the top right of the bar you will get 4 which can enable you to draw, add text add emojis crop picture and add filters and use when you’re done

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS 5

    WhatsApp on Desktop: When a friend told me about having WhatsApp on my desktop I almost doubt him.

    Here is how to go about it, open a browser on your desktop then type which will take you to the QR code page go to your phone and lunch WhatsApp locate the tree dot icon at the right-hand menu bar tap it and you will get a drop-down menu, choose the option WhatsApp web, place it infant of the screen to scan the QR code and wollah you will have your WhatsApp set up on desktop.


    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS


    what I love about it is the flexibility I get when am working was the fact I don’t have to look out for my phone to reply text and the cool thing is how easily I could just drag a file from my desktop and send it pretty quick.

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS 6

    Chat Short Cuts: Adding chat shortcuts to your home screen is a wow feature on Whatsapps app

    Here is how you go about it click on a group you’re active on then hit on the top right icon bar scroll down to more there will be an option that says add shortcuts if you click on that it will add a shortcut of the group on the home screen. go to the home screen and click on it and it will take you back to the group

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS


    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS 7

    Status Updates Aka WhatsApp stories: A lot of you might be using it right now but there is a whole lot of people who haven’t use it yet.

    Here is how you go about it, lunch your WhatsApp check the up bar which contains Chats, Staus, and Calls, swipe to the left to add a story to your WhatsApp, click your profile to add an image or record a video, you can add text, emoji, and edit and post it.

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS

    Either way, you can also write a text by clicking the pen icon on the right t side and also post it to your stories.


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    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS 8

    Pin Chats: Pin chats is a very cool feature which I don’t see many people take advantage of the sole purpose is let a chat stay above all other chat which in most cases I use for a group is actively participating.

    Here is how you go about it, lunch Whatsaap and locate the group you want to pin, hold down on it a pop of a pin will show on the top bar click it and bang the group will on top as long as you want it to unpin it you simply reduce the same process.

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS


    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS 9

    Star messages in chats: just like pin chat this is also a cool feature I don’t often see people use. sometimes when you’re looking for a important information on your previous chat you will have to scroll and scroll through millions of text you’ve sent but what you could actually do to get the information easily is to star all important messages whenever it’s been sent to you.

    Here is how you go about it, hold down the text and you get a star icon on the top menu bar click it.

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS

    this will alert WhatsApp to separate this chat from others, to get back the chat when you need it just hold down on the profile of the information sender scroll down and click on starred messages open and you will get all the messages there, you repeat the same process if you want the message unscarred.

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS


    Finally unto my favorite

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS 10

    GIF: The day a friend send me a gif I thought probably he download it but what amazes me is how often he sending which spike a curiosity before asking which I thought a lot of you have noticed too.

    Here is how to go about it, open a chat and click on the image icon scroll down to the bottom you will get the smile and GIF icon click the gif and you will get all the most used gif and trending one at the moment if scroll down again you see the search icon which can be used to search for gif of your choice and send a message along with it it can also use the desktop too.

    Whatsapp TIPS, TRICKS & HACKS

    Let me know in the comment below which is your favorite WhatsApp Hacks Tips & Tricks also, like and share if you find this content helpful

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