Xbox players are better gamers than PS4 and PC players, survey finds

    Bad news Playstation and PC users, Xbox players are better than you.

    A new survey, commissioned by LG, asked 14,000 players to take part in a reaction test.

    To begin with, participants were asked to select which gaming platform they preferred – Xbox, PS4 or PC. Then, a number of targets were displayed on the screen with participants having 20 seconds to click on as many as possible when they turned green.

    At the conclusion of the online test, participants received their reaction score and what percentile of gamers their results aligned with. A further breakdown of the test reveals the accuracy percentage, and how many targets were hit and missed.

    The test was designed to measure speed, accuracy and reaction time, with the best results coming from those who selected Xbox as their preferred gaming console.

    The survey found those who chose Xbox hit 78 per cent of their targets, closely followed by PS4 users who hit 74 per cent and PC users who hit 70 per cent, LG explained in their press release.

    The only thing missing in the results was that the survey didn’t have the ability to verify if participants were regular users of the different consoles. Out of the 14,000 participants, it is possible there was not an even representation across all three consoles.

    However, from those who participated in the survey, there proved to be a difference in reaction time for those who are familiar with an Xbox controller in comparison to gamers who use PS4 controllers and PC equipment.

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