Yota will release the world’s first tablet with two displays

Yota will release the world’s first tablet with two displays

The YOTA and JEZETEK agreed on a partnership to create the world’s first tablet with two screens of different types.

One of the screens will be normal and the second on E-ink technology, reported on the official website YOTA.

YOTA launched the world’s first continuously running smartphone with two screens (Yotaphone) five years ago. The company plans to expand the use of technology with two screens and develop tablet with two screens in the coming year.

“I am very pleased that we have finally launched this project from scratch. YOTA will bring together our technical teams to work together, including hardware engineering, software development and application and integration of systems with two screens. We are very excited to work with JEZETEK and grateful for his support in the production of equipment for the tablet with two screens”, – said the head of YOTA, Melinda Mack.

About the settings of the tablet have not been announced yet, except that it is known that the second display is made by technology E-ink. Thus, we can say that the upcoming tablet will combine convenience and normal tablet, and e-books.

Unlike the “books” YotaPad., tablet Yota Technologies and Jiuzhou Zhihe at the form factor will remind the YotaPhone: one piece body with a color screen on one side and black-and-white EPD on the other.

“It is very difficult to develop such a tablet with two screens, and so the market is not yet such a product. As the Creator of the mobile phone with two screens, YOTA owns the world’s leading system integration of the two screens, which gives it unprecedented advantages in the development of the tablet”, – said the representative of JEZETEK Zhang Tianjun.


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