how to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top Android
February 5, 2024

how to stop Instagram from scrolling to the top Android

To fix scrolling problems on Instagram for Android, ensure your app is updated and try clearing its cache.

Instagram is a hub of social interaction, but navigating its features on an Android device can sometimes be tricky. From preventing the app from scrolling to the top unexpectedly to managing blocked users, this guide covers everything you need to know. Let’s dive into the details.

How to Block a Person Who Blocked You on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t allow direct blocking of users who have already blocked you. You can try blocking them through a mutual friend’s account or report their profile for harassment.

How to See Hidden Mentions on Instagram Story

If you suspect someone has mentioned you but can’t see it, try viewing the story from a different account or device. Occasionally, glitches occur that prevent mentions from displaying properly, so switching devices or accounts can help uncover them.

How to Use Instagram on a School Chromebook

bypass school limitations by accessing Instagram through a web browser rather than the app. Simply open the browser, navigate to Instagram’s website, and log in to enjoy your favorite social media platform.

What to Say When Someone Calls You Pretty on Instagram

A simple “Thank you!” suffices in most cases, but you can also express gratitude with emojis or return the compliment if you feel comfortable. Remember to be genuine in your response and acknowledge the kindness of the compliment

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What Does DTT Mean on Instagram

DTT is a common acronym on Instagram, standing for “Drop the T.” This phrase is often used in group chats or comment threads, indicating that the user wants someone to reveal or share gossip or information. It’s a playful way of encouraging open communication and sharing among followers


Friend: Did you hear about the new drama with Sarah and Alex?

You: No, what happened?

Friend: I’ll tell you, but DTT first!

You: Oh, okay! DTT.

Friend: Sarah and Alex broke up because…

In this conversation, “DTT” is used as a request for the friend to share gossip or information about Sarah and Alex’s situation before discussing further details.

What Does FSS Mean in Text Instagram

FSS is another popular abbreviation used on Instagram, meaning “Follow, Shoutout, Spam.” Users employ this term when they want others to follow their account, give them a shoutout, or engage with their content by liking or commenting. It’s a common practice among Instagrammers looking to increase their follower count and engagement


You: Hey, can you help me out with something on Instagram?

Friend: Sure, what’s up?

You: I’m trying to grow my following, and I heard about this method called “FSS.” Do you know what it means?

Friend: Yeah, “FSS” stands for “Follow, Shoutout, Spam.” It’s when you follow someone, give them a shoutout on your story or feed, and engage with their posts by liking and commenting.

You: Oh, got it! Thanks for explaining. Would you mind giving me an FSS?

Friend: Of course! I’ll give you a shoutout on my story right now.

In this conversation, “FSS” is used to discuss a method for increasing followers on Instagram, and the friend offers to help by giving a shoutout.