Top 10 Twitter Video Downloader
February 7, 2024

Top 10 Twitter Video Downloader

List and compare the best Twitter Video Downloader in 2024. Select the Twitter Media Downloader software from this list according to your requirements:

Twitter has been around for a long time since its modest but unique founding in 2006. What began as a simple platform for sharing your thoughts and feelings has now become a great platform for sharing and consuming a variety of content online.

From following the latest news or using the latest shared memes, Twitter basically provides tough competition with other social media platforms when it comes to sharing and consuming content.

Twitter Video Downloader

You can find video content shared by some of the most famous influencers online so you can communicate and enjoy on Twitter. What you can learn: [hide]

Twitter Video Download

Frequently asked questions about downloading videos from Twitter

List with Twitter Video Downloader

Compare the best Twitter Media Downloader

Twitter Video Download

However, many ask themselves how they view this content, especially offline videos for later viewing? If you find an interesting video on Twitter, you want to download or save it for later viewing, or try to share it with your friends and family who are not on the platform.

Unfortunately, Twitter has no way to download videos from its platform. Fortunately, however, there are many options that you can use in the form of a video downloader on Twitter to help you download any video you want, in whatever resolution you want, from a popular platform. social media.

The question now remains, how can I choose the Twitter media downloader that best suits my needs and requirements? This article attempts to help resolve the issue of such software.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most enthusiastic about video download software on Twitter, dive into their features, see how it’s generally accepted by users, and finally let you decide if you want to download or skip the software. next on the list.

Pro-Tip: First and foremost, make sure the video downloader has a comprehensive interface and is easy to use and download video from Twitter. Integrating the software with your browser should be easy. If possible, it should not contain malware and adware. The software should be able to easily download videos in various resolutions and output formats. Lastly, don’t overdo your budget when it comes to buying a premium version of this tool.

Fact Check: According to reports published by Social Sprout, 69% of Twitter followers are women, while 31% are men. On the other hand, women and men aged 25-34 make up the majority of the Twitter profile base.

Twitter Public

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Frequently asked questions about downloading videos from Twitter

Question 1) Are video download programs legal on Twitter? A: Yes, if you do not download any copyrighted material and do not share it online, Twitter video downloads are perfectly legal for downloading Twitter videos for personal use.

Question 2) Can Twitter Video Downloader be used to download media from other social media platforms?

Answer: It depends on the software you use, but most software downloads can easily get videos from almost any social media platform we know.

Question 3) How long will the video on Twitter last in 2020?

Answer: The maximum length of a video on Twitter in 2020 is 2 minutes and 20 seconds. You cannot upload videos longer than the above length. Fortunately, many Twitter media downloads also have an editing feature that shortens your videos to the appropriate length.

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List with Twitter Video Downloader

Here is a list of popular tools for downloading videos from Twitter:

Leawo Video Downloader

Twitter Video Downloader


sss Twitter



Twitter Video Download

Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader TWSaver




Compare the best Twitter Media Downloader

The best name for price evaluation

Leawo Video Downloader Supports over 1000 video download sites. Windows and Mac 5/5 $ 29.95 / year and $ 39.95 / lifetime

Twitter Video Downloader Save free Twitter videos and GIFs for Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, MAC 4/5


Online Free Twitter Video Download Web, Mac, iOS, Windows, Android 4.5 / 5 free

TWDown.Net Online video download from Twitter and convert MP3 to Web, Android, Mac, iOS, Windows 5/5 for free

sssTwitter Twitter Video Download via Mac extension, iOS, Windows, browser, extension for Android 4/5 Free

TWDownload Save videos and GIFs from Twitter for free Web, Android, Mac, iOS, Windows 3.5 / 5 for free

Let’s take a look at the software tools available for downloading videos on Twitter:

# 1) Leawo Video Downloader

Top 10 Best Twitter Video Downloader In 2023 for GIF And Video

Leawo Video Downloader – Best for supporting over 1000 video download sites. Leawo dashboard

Leawo Video Downloader is a tool for downloading videos and music from thousands of websites including Twitter. It supports downloading most videos available on the Internet. It allows you to download from various live platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live and more.


Leawo Video Downloader offers the ability to download 720P and 1080P videos.

Provides 6x faster online video downloads. It has several download settings, such as setting up most download tasks, clearing your browsing history, and more.

Template: Leawo Video Downloader is an efficient and user-friendly music download tool. It provides 6x faster download speeds thanks to the use of advanced video loading technology and hardware acceleration technologies.

Price: Leawo Video Downloader offers a free trial. An annual single-user license is available for $ 29.95 and a lifetime user license is available for $ 39.95. => Visit the Leawo Video Downloader website

# 2) Twitter Video Downloader

Top 10 Best Twitter Video Downloader In 2023 for GIF And Video

Best for storing Twitter and GIF videos.

Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter Video Downloader is as simple as getting a media download tool. If you find a GIF or video that you like on Twitter and want to save it to your device for offline viewing, it’s a tool to help you in the hardest way you can imagine.

Just open the tool in a browser and then go to the link to the GIF video you want to get from Twitter. Copy the link or URL and paste it into the downloader. Once uploaded, just click ‘download’ and your favorite video as a GIF is now available for viewing and sharing offline for entertainment. Function:

Easy to use interface

Just copy and paste the download section

Compatible with many OS and computer / smart devices.

No adware

Message: This is a simple tool to save your favorite Twitter videos as GIFs. If you are looking for savings, then this tool is for you. However, if you are looking for something more advanced, then skipping is a good idea.

Price: Free

Web: Twitter Video Downloader

# 3) SaveTweetVid

Top 10 Best Twitter Video Downloader In 2023 for GIF And Video

Best for online free video downloads on Twitter. SaveTweetVid

SaveTweetVid is another simple and free downloader to save your favorite twitter video as a GIF. However, it is more attractive than the previous tool on this list. SaveTweetVid asks you to follow the same proven formula for getting media online.

Open the link to the video on Twitter in the desired GIF, copy the link or URL and paste it into SaveTweedVid. This way, you can quickly apply the video or GIF you want. This tool is very easy to use, contains no nasty adware and can store mp3, mp4, or gif files with maximum ease.


Easy to use

Works on all phones and computers

Saves mp3, mp4 and gif files

Free to use

Review: SaveTweetVid is a great tool for downloading videos from Twitter. It’s easy to use and won’t bother you with annoying malware or adware.

Price: Free

Web: SaveTweetVid

Recommemded Downloader

# 4)

Top 10 Best Twitter Video Downloader In 2023 for GIF And Video

Best for online video downloads from Twitter and mp3 conversion.

TWDOWN is probably the fastest and most powerful video downloader that exists today. The tool runs on more powerful servers and can download any video you want from Twitter in a minute.

Of course, downloading videos is very easy. You’ll need to copy the URL of the video you want to download and paste it into the text box displayed on the TDOWN homepage. Your video will be saved in the desired folder on your device.

Another of its weird features is the ability to convert downloaded videos from Twitter to mp3 files for listening pleasure. This is especially good if you want the video to contain music or sound effects.


Free and easy to use

Works on all computer devices and smartphones

Convert video to mp3

Fast and easy download

Template: TWDOWN is a unique tool among its competitors, largely due to its powerful servers, which allow it to download videos faster and its ability to convert videos to tin-aw audio files. In addition, it is free and constantly updated to stay relevant.

Price: Free


# 5) sssTwitter

Top 10 Best Twitter Video Downloader In 2023 for GIF And Video

Best for downloading Twitter videos via extensions.

sss Twitter

SssTwitter offers its users a proven formula for downloading media from Twitter, which is a common link for copying and pasting to their dashboard. However, it is also a step further by providing several ways to download videos via social media platforms.

To get started, you can install this add-on in your browser. When it’s over, you just are

When done, enter “sss” before entering the “https” section of the URL and press enter. The results page has a download button at the bottom of each video played on Twitter.

This speeds up the download process because you don’t have to juggle multiple tabs in your browser to download the video.


Free to download and install

Works on all smartphones and computers

Browser extensions for easy download

Select the quality of the video to download

Template: sssTwitter is a powerful Twitter video download tool that gives users more freedom to download than most similar tools. This tool should only be tested for its intuitive browser extensions. Price: Free


# 6) TWDownload

Top 10 Best Twitter Video Downloader In 2023 for GIF And Video

Best for free saving of videos and GIFs on Twitter.


TWDownload follows the same successful pattern of downloading and saving your favorite Twitter videos. In essence, it is slower than many tools, but it is much more efficient to implement. With this tool you can download any video or GIF file mp4 or M3U8 from Twitter.

Just copy the link to the Twitter video you want to save and paste it into the TWDownload text box. You can save the desired video as a GIF in the desired folder on the device. In addition, the tool is very easy to use.


Copy and paste the URL in the text box

Works on all smartphones and computers

Records mp4 and M3U8 videos

Free and easy to use

Template: TWDownload is another tool for those who want a simple media download tool. If you don’t expect much from it, then the tool is made for you. However, if you want a lot of features of your download service, then you’d better look for more advanced tools. Price: Free

Web: TWDownload

# 7) TWDownloader

Best for storing Twitter and GIF videos.


Don’t confuse TWDownloader with TWDownload, these two are very different tools with the same functionality. Both are easy-to-use tools for downloading your favorite videos from Twitter and GIF files online.

Although TWDownloader uses the same method of downloading videos online, that is, copying and pasting URLs, it is slightly more intuitive than TWDownload. For starters, it is very easy on the eyes and easy to use and control.

On the other hand, it also tries to answer any questions you may have about downloading your favorite videos from Twitter. This way, you won’t get lost in the middle of the process.


Free and intuitive video downloads on Twitter

Copy and paste the download system

Download videos in several resolutions

Step-by-step instructions for downloading videos.

Template: TWDownloader is a fairly intuitive tool that has the most important function of downloading videos in any resolution. It is also very powerful but easy to use. Definitely worth a try for new users. Price: Free

Web: TWDownloader

# 8) Download the video on Twitter

It is best to recommend your favorite videos for download.

Twitter Video Download

Twitter Video Downloader is a great tool when it comes to Twitter Video Downloader. Although this tool provides the same download method used by many other tools on this list, it is also more rooted in the Twitter algorithm than any other tool on this list than online.

Downloading videos on Twitter is about tagging and recommending videos that are currently trending on Twitter. With such a tool, you don’t have to waste time searching the Twitter timeline and finding a suitable video to download, because this work has already been done for you through this smart website. Function:

This is a simple video download tool that simply stands out thanks to the intuitive part of the video recommendation. Just because of this part, it’s worth a try.

Price: Free

Web: Twitter Video Download

# 9) Jihosoft 4k Video Downloader

Top 10 Best Twitter Video Downloader In 2023 for GIF And Video

Best for advanced cross-platform video downloads.

jihosof 4k Video Downloader

Jihosoft is a powerful tool that allows users to download 4k, 360 ° and 8k videos from multiple online platforms. These platforms include YouTube, Facebook and, of course, Twitter. Not only that, the tool also offers a number of equally handy features that allow users to convert videos to any format, edit videos and audio files, download to a complete YouTube video list and save captions.

The download method is also simple. Just copy the URL of the video you want to download, paste it into the text box, select the format and resolution, and finally click the Download button. The tool also speeds up the download process with a “one-click download” feature.


Download 4K and 8K videos

One-click download

Convert Mp4, Mp3, MOV and AVI

Download the entire YouTube channel and playlist

Download captions and cover videos

Template: Jihosoft is the perfect tool for users who want more features in their software than simple video downloads. The tool is very easy to use and can be used for a variety of reasons. We recommend this tool if you are looking for a video downloader that offers more features. You can select other tools from this list to easily download videos on Twitter.

Price: $ 29

Web: Jihosoft 4k Video Downloader

# 10) TWSaver

Top 10 Best Twitter Video Downloader In 2023 for GIF And Video

Best for downloading UHD, HD and SD videos.


Few tools offer the luxury of downloading videos with three different format and resolution options. However, TWSaver does, and for that reason it’s even weirder. TWSaver offers its users the option to download their preferred videos from Twitter in high definition, ultra high definition or standard resolution alias (low quality).

To download, you must first open the Twitter URL containing the video you want to download. You will need to copy and paste the link into the TWSaver text box, where you will need to select HD, UHD and SD resolutions. Once selected, just press the download button and the download will be completed soon. Function:

Download in UHD, HD and SD

Easy to use

Works on all mobile and computer devices

Copy and paste the text box for easy download

Review: TWSaver is a great tool if you are considering downloading videos from Twitter in Ultra High Definition format. Plus, it’s free, so you should give it a try.

Price: Free

Web: TWSaver

# 11) GetMyTweet

Top 10 Best Twitter Video Downloader In 2023 for GIF And Video

Best for online video downloads on Twitter and GIF.


GetMyTweet is a clean and comprehensive site for getting videos that you want to download from Twitter. It gives you the option to choose whether to download a Twitter file in mp4 or mp3 format during the download process. The download process is very easy to follow. Just copy the link and paste it into the GetMyTweet text box, then select the output format and click the Download button. Your downloaded video is ready to watch online.

Simple video downloader on Twitter and GIF

Download in mp3 or mp4 format

Select the size of the video to download

Template: GetMyTweet is a very simple tool that is easy to use and makes the download task unique. It is very clean in its interface and therefore more attractive to its users. Price: Free

Web: GetMytweet


Twitter is a prominent and very popular social media platform. We can see everything from movie stars to platform sports personalities. It is also a platform with a built-in interior design that you use every day and that you can keep. Because Twitter does not allow videos to be downloaded from their platform, a good Twitter video downloader is required.

As for our recommendations, if you are looking for a simple and attractive tool for downloading videos from Twitter, we recommend using Sav TweetVid or sssDownloader. For more features with a fast download process, we recommend visiting Twitter Video Downloader.