Why Can’t I Favorite Videos on TikTok? Quick Fixes for 2024
March 15, 2024

Why Can’t I Favorite Videos on TikTok? Quick Fixes for 2024

Need help finding your favourite videos on TikTok? This guide covers all you need to know to resolve the issue quickly and get back to enjoying your favourite content.

Immediate Solutions:

  1. Update Your App: First, ensure your TikTok app is up-to-date. Head to the App Store or Google Play Store to download updates. This simple step often resolves favouriting issues.
  2. Check Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is crucial. Switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data to test stability, or restart your router.
  3. Clear App Cache: An overloaded cache can hinder app functionality. Go to Settings & Security > Cache & Cellular > Clear Cache in TikTok.
  4. Log In Again: Sometimes, a quick log out and back in refreshes your account’s connectivity with TikTok servers, restoring functionality.

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Further Insights for Troubleshooting:

  • VPN Interference: If you’re using a VPN, it might affect app performance. Disable your VPN and try favouriting again.
  • Account and Content Restrictions: Ensure your account is in good standing and the video doesn’t violate TikTok’s community guidelines.
  • Technical Glitches: If problems persist, uninstall and reinstall the TikTok app for a fresh start.

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